Varius Free Walk-in Closet Arrangement #1, Presotto Italy

Varius accessories are customisable in every detail. The Varius customisable walk-in-closet can be mounted with or without the wall panels. Due to the lack of a back panel to hide electric cables, Varius is the first walk-in-closet with battery-powered LED lighting with a motion sensor that doesn't require wiring. How long do the batteries last? For ages because LED lights consume very little energy and last a lot longer than traditional lights. The shelves of this walk-in-closet are designed to be attached to the slotted tubes and can be removed at any time after they have first been assembled. It is possible to change the arrangement depending on the season or as you change your clothes. The inside of the walk-in-closet, as well as straight or corner shelves, drawer packs on castors, plinths or hung, can be fitted with many accessories: quilted linen bags, trouserracks, aluminium drawers, shelf elements for ties, stender clothes rails.


About Presotto

Presotto has been designing and producing high end Italian furniture since 1948. Functionality and quality, along with innovation are present in each of Presotto’s creations. Today, Presotto is one of the leading furniture manufacturers. They have three production facilities and a R&D center that is considered one of the most technologically advanced in Europe. Presotto manufactures furniture for just about every room in the home from bedroom to living room. Flexibility of design, finishes and sizes are some of the features that Presotto offers to its clientele.

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