Toptop Table, Kartell Italy

Geometrically inspired and practical, the Toptop table by Kartell is an ideal addition to both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Because of the use of quality, weather-resistant materials, the table is sustainable outdoors for the long haul. The small footprint features geometric accents for an eye-catching touch and is ideal for space-conscious areas.
Versions are available with a round leg and round base and square pleated leg and square base for versatile visual effects.
Thanks to the contrasting finishes, it creates a vibrant juxtaposition for a complementary touch.

Ø 24" × H 28.2"
Ø 27.5" × H 28.2"
W 24 × D 24 × H 28.2"
W 27.5" × D 27.5" × H 28.2"

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