Six Coffee Table, Bross Italy

Ironic and flexible, SIX is a multifunctional coffee table: a collection of various pieces of different heights, that allows numerous compositions. Coffee table or pouf, SIX is distinguished by an hexagonal shape, a walnut or oakwood frame and a bright glossy lacquered top, which enhances its forms.

W: 9/15.7 x D: 15.7 x H: 10
W: 9/15.7 x D: 15.7 x H: 13.8
W: 9/15.7 x D: 15.7 x H: 15.7
W: 9/15.7 x D: 15.7 x H: 17.7

About Bross

The eighties represented a pivotal era of global emergence for audacious fashion, contemporary luxury, resolute originality, strident inspiration, and universal environmentalism. During this explosive period of individual growth, the ubiquitous gates of innovation were fearlessly opened, changing the societal view of personal expression, artistry, and naturalism. Bross, an Italian furniture company founded in 1981, embraced this modern approach to domestic living, allowing that decade’s philosophy to drive their creativity, while translating their new level of design into the function, form, and quality of their lavish and eco-friendly furnishings.

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