Python Mirror, Tonin Casa

Shaped mirrors are shaded in transparency to give a touch of elegance to your every reflection.
Intense in the bronze version and refined in the smoked one: choose the most striking combination.
Special Order only.
Please contact us for more info

W 15.7" × D 1.5" × H 18"
W 23.7" × D 1.5" × H 27.2"
W 31.5" × D 1.5" × H 36.2"
W 47.2" × D 1.5" × H 53.2"

About Tonin Casa

Remaining true to the old world traditions of Artisan craftsmanship infused with the progressive advancements of modern design – Tonin Casa has become an international day to night furniture sensation with decades of abounding mastery featuring wide-ranging pieces that will revolutionize the global home from your living room and the kitchen to the dining room and your sleeping quarters.

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