Panama Sofa by Gamma International, Italy

The Panama grouping of modern living room furniture is sleek and sophisticated, as well as magnificently appealing. The set features clean, simple lines and a low profile, demonstrating the artistry in minimalist modern furniture design. You’ll appreciate the stylish beauty and the quality of the Panama modern living room furniture.

Dimensions: 38'' x 128''

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This appealing furniture design is exactly the kind of elegance and luxury one has in mind when considering leather living room furniture. The Panama modern furniture design provides the ambience of richness and sophisticated good taste in an expanse of the finest, premium quality bull hide leather. The gleaming leather surface shines with splendid beauty in any color you prefer, and reflects its elite and exclusive place in the hierarchy of fine furnishings. Very simple squares of thick padding and smooth surfaces are placed in a stand -alone sofa or living room sectional sofa configuration at your preference. The low profile and clean contours are the epitome of contemporary home design. The most outstanding feature of the beautiful Panama style is the fully adjustable back rest that opens up to become a headrest. Let the Panama modern living room furniture bring aesthetic appeal and extraordinary comfort into your contemporary home.
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Texture Full Leather
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