High ceilings always sound like a positive feature to any home, but it can be a challenge to fill out a bare wall. Warm up any space with a bookshelf by Cattelan Italia, such as the Nuvola Bookcase which give a sense of floating shelves or add an architectural detail like the Shanghai Bookcase by Alivar, Italy. With its simple form yet dramatic angles, your room will suddenly transform. Display favorite books or a collection of items that mean something to you. Your home should be a reflection of your life.

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  1. Tango Bookcase, Reflex Italy
    Tango Bookcase, Reflex Italy
    Interlocking modular bookcase with shelves in matt or shiny lacquered wood, Canaletto walnut or matt or shiny ebony wood.
    Sides in extraclear glass 10 mm thick.
    Optional: sliding door in lacquered or etched lacquered glass, in Mesh glass or in Marble glass.
    Collections: TANGO
    Materials: Glass, Wood
    Designer: Reflex Learn More
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  2. Segno Bookcase, Reflex Italy
    Segno Bookcase, Reflex Italy
    Interlocking modular bookcase in matt lacquered wood or in Henné oakwood or in the combination of shiny ebony with shelves in satin brass finish. LED lighting system. Can be used to build-up bookcases in various sizes, hanging or floor-standing and can be connected to Movie Tv mirror. Collections: SEGNO PININFARINA, PININFARINA HOME DESIGN, REFLEX - DISEGNO Materials: Wood Designer: Pininfarina Learn More
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  3. DiagoLinea Shelving, Lago Italy
    DiagoLinea Shelving, Lago Italy
    DiagoLinea shelving was designed out of a desire for dynamic lacquered shelving system that can satisfy the changing desires of the user, evolving over time. Developed out of the LagoLinea system and its geometric rules, it can be used to create de-structured shelving in which the shelves support each other, taking on unexpected inclinations that challenge the force of gravity. Learn More
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  4. LagoLinea Shelving, Lago Italy
    LagoLinea Shelving, Lago Italy
    With an innovative suspension system in its sides, LagoLinea shelving is made up of a single line, offering maximum expressive freedom anywhere in the house. Free of structural restrictions, you can use it to create compositions that adapt naturally to the space, playing with forms and dialoguing with the existing architecture. With LagoLinea, you can organise spaces of any size creatively and functionally, from the living room and entry to the bedroom and bath, creating compositions that can develop in any direction and easily skirt obstacles. Learn More
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  5. Nautilus Bookcase, Cattelan Italia
    Nautilus Bookcase, Cattelan Italia

    Design: Brogliato & Traverso
    Modular bookcase in titanium (GFM11), graphite (GFM69) or black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel. Wall anchorage is necessary.
    The Nautilus bookcase price ranges depending on size and material options.
    Please call us for more info. Learn More
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  6. Air Shelving, Lago Italy
    Air Shelving, Lago Italy
    WOODEN SHELVING THAT FLOATS IN THE AIR Wooden Air shelving changes the relationship between solid and void. The shelves, in lacquered wood or Wildwood oak, contrast with the total transparency of the glass supports, creating an extraordinary feeling of lightness. The shelving seems to float in the air, letting the light filter through to fill the room with light and render the space airy. Free-standing and finished on both sides, Air shelving can also be used in the middle of the room to divide space in an elegant, airy way. No wall attachment is needed and so it can also be set up in front of walls with special decoration. Learn More
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  7. Alba Bookcase, Arflex Italy
    Alba Bookcase, Arflex Italy

    Designed by Bernhardt & Vella (2018)
    Alba is a bookcase for exhibiting and containing, with an extraordinary creating versatility. The glass colored shelves allow to create round compositions, thanks to the fixing with one single joining element. The colored glass half circle-shape element creates also a geometric decoration, in addition to the function of hanging the books. Frame in metal and shelves in colored glass. Learn More
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  8. Match Bookcase, Arflex Italy
    Match Bookcase, Arflex Italy

    Designed by Bernhardt & Vella (2015)
    The project is born from an industrial shelves system. The junction, that joins the structure with the shelf, becomes a precious and decorative element in brass or burnished. The system can be stacking and allows to create with the same elements also small tables and bookshelves with different heights, console and table. The shelves for the bookcases are in wood (chocolate); the small tables tops, the console and the table top are available in marble. The tubular frame is black matt painted. Learn More
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  9. Hip Hop Bookshelves, Bontempi Casa
    Hip Hop Bookshelves, Bontempi Casa

    Bookshelves with metal frame, top in glossy glass or velvet matt anti-scratch glass. Learn More
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