Loft Bookcase, Cattelan Italia

An eye catching design by Philip Jackson, the Loft Bookcase is a sculptural piece that separates a space and decorates walls in a creative way. Made up of compartments that range in dimensions, the organic structure of the Loft Bookcase gives life to any empty wall. Double sided in form, this piece lets light and air flow and can be placed in any floor plan that is in need of boundaries. Manufactured in Italy by Cattelan Italia, display your prized possessions from family heirlooms to favorite books and photos. The Loft Bookcase allows you to surround yourself with the things you love. Available in striking Canaletto walnut wood or white and warm grey lacquer, decide between two sizes. Showcase the objects that are meaningful in your life and bring in the colors and style that will bring your space together.

L: 53 x D: 13.4 x H: 67
L: 78.7 x D: 13.4 x H: 67

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