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Entertain in style with our contemporary designed Entertainment Centers, TV Units and Media Displays. Our magnificently crafted modern TV Units and Entertainment Centers with glass and metal accents will maximize, organize, and add value to your living space. For the interior designer these artistically crafted contemporary TV units offer choices in furniture encourage the most enjoyable and fashionable media experience.

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  1. Butterfly TV Cabinet, Alberta Italy
    Butterfly TV Cabinet, Alberta Italy
    Butterfly by Castello Lagravinese Studio
    The elegance and refinement of the Butterfly cabinet series reside in the details and the skillful combination of precious materials.
    The metal inserts at the handles and the design of the feet give character and style to each element of the collection.
    The unusual layout with rounded sides completes the unique design of this collection. Learn More
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  2. Jasmine TV Cabinet, Alberta Italy
    Jasmine TV Cabinet, Alberta Italy
    Jasmine by Castello Lagravinese Studio
    Jasmine is a family of refined storage units perfectly interpreting the new trends of contemporary living.
    The drawers are covered in printed leather with weave effect that lends the elegance and style typical of superior Italian leatherwear to the entire collection. Learn More
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  3. Penelope TV Cabinet, Alberta Italy
    Penelope TV Cabinet, Alberta Italy
    Penelope by Castello Lagravinese Studio
    The high tailoring details distinguish the series of Penelope units. Drawer units and cupboards made with high fashion details, matching the best leather to the noble finishes and bright metal. Structure, doors and drawers are covered with diamond quilted leather, to give the entire range the elegant style typical of haut couture Italian leather work. Learn More
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  4. Spazio Wall Unit, Pianca Italy
    Spazio Wall Unit, Pianca Italy

    Simplifying everyday movements, creating contours that command order and harmony: Spazio is the very essence of functionality. With close attention to details and a love of textures, it offers a range of modules, sizes and finishes unrivalled in their variety and flexibility. Spazio is ideal for every room in the home and has something to satisfy the tastes and requirements of everyone. The latest additions include marbled glass, mirror glass, backlit shelves, back panels in materico marble, new metal finishes for handles and the luxurious leather model.
    Different colors and finishes
    Prices may vary depending on finishes
    Special order
    Please email us for more info. Learn More
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  5. DiagoLinea Shelving, Lago Italy
    DiagoLinea Shelving, Lago Italy
    DiagoLinea shelving was designed out of a desire for dynamic lacquered shelving system that can satisfy the changing desires of the user, evolving over time. Developed out of the LagoLinea system and its geometric rules, it can be used to create de-structured shelving in which the shelves support each other, taking on unexpected inclinations that challenge the force of gravity. Learn More
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  6. LagoLinea Shelving, Lago Italy
    LagoLinea Shelving, Lago Italy
    With an innovative suspension system in its sides, LagoLinea shelving is made up of a single line, offering maximum expressive freedom anywhere in the house. Free of structural restrictions, you can use it to create compositions that adapt naturally to the space, playing with forms and dialoguing with the existing architecture. With LagoLinea, you can organise spaces of any size creatively and functionally, from the living room and entry to the bedroom and bath, creating compositions that can develop in any direction and easily skirt obstacles. Learn More
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  7. Et Voilà Wall Unit, Lago Italy
    Et Voilà Wall Unit, Lago Italy
    Using the Et Voilà system, you can create original wall units and television stands with dimensions customised down to the centimetre that can disappear into the wall with a simple gesture. Et Voilà revolutionises the concept of furniture, replacing traditional hard doors with a single fabric door with the same dimensions as the structure. The door runs along invisible tracks and closes with a magnet that holds the fabric completely taut, making it seem like something solid. Once open, the door reveals the entire interior, which can be organised with shelves in customised shapes and hues. Learn More
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  8. 30mm Wall Unit, Lago Italy
    30mm Wall Unit, Lago Italy
    Flexibility and lightness inspired 30mm, a wall unit made up of a single line that integrates with the 36e8 system and lets you optimise your space down to the centimetre. A patented attached system integrated into the side makes wall unit suspension possible for the first time. 30mm can be configured in a series of extraordinarily modular compositions: thanks to the elimination of structural restrictions, you can create dynamic and expressive forms that adapt to any space and context. Learn More
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  9. 36e8 Wall Unit, Lago Italy
    36e8 Wall Unit, Lago Italy
    32 COLOURS, LOTS OF FINISHES AND NO LIMITS TO YOUR CREATIVITY Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the square and its multiples and submultiples, the 36e8 system can be used in the living room to fill the wall with unusual shapes, offering countless options for storage. A highly versatile living room wall unit: with its vast range of hues and finishes, 36e8 lets you create infinite compositions tailored to your spaces and your personality. Playing with the hues, design variants and fine finishes, you can create wall units with a unique personality that adapt to spaces of any size with extreme versatility. Learn More
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  10. Aston TV Stand, Cattelan Italia
    Aston TV Stand, Cattelan Italia

    Design: STC Studio
    Aston TV stand by Cattelan Italia is a gorgeous piece of furniture that is ideal for areas in need of storage and display capabilities. The edgy silhouette features a playful use of geometry from the combination of straight and angled lines. With intricate diamond-tufted stitching on the door, it adds an elegant touch and inside the compartments, there is ample room to keep items out-of-sight and organized. The top and shelves are perfect for showing off beautiful pieces of decor. Place the TV on the sturdy top or hang it on the wall above it for versatile visual effects. Manufactured in Italy and designed by STC studio, Aston TV stand comes with a high degree of customization. The frame comes in different metal finishes, while the doors come in various wood options. Leather and eco-leather upholstery options are available.
    TV cabinet in titanium (GF11) or black (GF73) embossed lacquered wood. Titanium (GFM11) or black (GFM73) embossed steel base. Left door covered and quilted in synthetic leather or soft leather as per sample card with titanium (GFM11) embossed aluminum profiles. Right door in Canaletto walnut (NC), burned oak (RB) or Brushed Bronze with black chrome (06) details. Internal fumé glass shelves.
    Price is for Aston tv stand L: 85.8 x D: 18 x H: 21
    The Aston tv stand ranges in price from $4,151 to $4,486 depending on material options.
    Please call us for more info. Learn More
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  11. Air Shelving, Lago Italy
    Air Shelving, Lago Italy
    WOODEN SHELVING THAT FLOATS IN THE AIR Wooden Air shelving changes the relationship between solid and void. The shelves, in lacquered wood or Wildwood oak, contrast with the total transparency of the glass supports, creating an extraordinary feeling of lightness. The shelving seems to float in the air, letting the light filter through to fill the room with light and render the space airy. Free-standing and finished on both sides, Air shelving can also be used in the middle of the room to divide space in an elegant, airy way. No wall attachment is needed and so it can also be set up in front of walls with special decoration. Learn More
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  12. Hillside Storage Unit, Arflex Italy
    Hillside Storage Unit, Arflex Italy

    Designed by CLAESSON KOIVISTO RUNE (2009)
    The Hillside furniture range is inspired by contemporary architecture. In many ways today's architects are trying to go beyond the 'box', bringing in new angles and expressions of form. This is what we have aimed to do with our storage furniture system, Hillside.The storage units derive their distinctive design by combining different storage formats together ineach unit. The resulting furniture is not only efficient in function, but has clear, sculptural qualities, as well.Hillside has a small amount of parts but is flexible to the point of allowing a myriad of regular or even surprising compositions. This makes Hillside easy to be tailored to your specific requirements. Learn More
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