Light Bedside Table, Cierre Italy

Light is a bedside table with well-defined geometric shapes. the top with wooden drawer lays on a glass structure which makes it seem to be hanging in the air. light and solid at the same time, it is the ideal space for putting dreams to sleep
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The light bedside table, transparent and pure like its materials and lines.
2020 - Design Marco Fumagalli
About Cierre

In the middle of the 1970’s, a project was undertaken by a family that wanted to represent the “Made in Italy” tradition and combine elegance with technique, art, and quality. Their creative projects and leather upholstered furniture soon became everyone’s favorite new trend. Since then, their collections have become the desired products of contemporary life.

Cierre is all about making good quality design products and their highly skilled craftsmen successfully make that happen. Every material that is used to produce their products is put together and assembled with their own hands to ensure perfect assembly and many years of guaranteed comfort and style. Today, Cierre offer a wide variety of armchairs, sofas, sectionals, bedroom sets, lamps, accessories, and other decorative items.

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