Eclipse Armchair, Bross Italy

It is easy to see why the Eclipse collection of armchairs and lounge will stand out among others. Striking in form, the use of textures that designer Enzo Berti has chosen for Eclipse will make a statement in any space. Artistically designed through upholstery, the skills of the master craftsmen from manufacturer Bross trickle through the Eclipse collection. In one version upholstery is smooth along the seat cushion and inside of the backrest while the outside has a textured stitch. The next version is smooth along the outside while the interior of the backrest draw attention with tucks and folds in fabric or leather. Discover all the fabrics and leathers available by exploring various colors. Fully upholstered from top to bottom, the structure of Eclipse is made from a solid piece of wood, making the armchair extremely durable.

W 24 x D 24 x H 30
HS: 18
W 23 x D 24 x H 30
HS: 18
W 28 x D 28 x H 28
HS: 16.5
W 30 x D 28 x H 28
HS: 16.5

About Bross

The eighties represented a pivotal era of global emergence for audacious fashion, contemporary luxury, resolute originality, strident inspiration, and universal environmentalism. During this explosive period of individual growth, the ubiquitous gates of innovation were fearlessly opened, changing the societal view of personal expression, artistry, and naturalism. Bross, an Italian furniture company founded in 1981, embraced this modern approach to domestic living, allowing that decade’s philosophy to drive their creativity, while translating their new level of design into the function, form, and quality of their lavish and eco-friendly furnishings.

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