Disegno Rug, Prianera Italy

The creativity and the project liberty of designers that work with Prianera find a precious completion in the technical planning of R&D department, where nothing is left to chance, every single model is developed considering parameters and measures that are the result of a long experience. The modularity and dimensions of various models, chairs and components are the guarantee of absolute comfort.
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200'' x 280''

Identity & design
Prianera collection reflects the identity of the Brand as well as the evolution of the contemporary lifestyle.
Design has always been an intrinsic part of Prianera collection, continuous research into style always aims to successfully interpret contemporary living trends. A key role in this process is played by the designers collaborating with the Company, working for Prianera: Carlo Bimbi, Fabrizio Ballardini, Giorgio Ragazzini, Enrico Cesana, Rino Dalmonte e Elena Arkipova e Angelo Tomaiuolo.
Their creativity plays with the heart and the mind of the Company, involving all the skills of the process, from research to interior design, from prototyping to details, from ideas to real product.
The company gives shapes to designers’ ideas and project, enhancing their creative energies bases on different cultural roots, in the development of Prianera collection.
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