Dining Room

The dining room is the place where family’s bond, laugh, and grow. To nurture these anchors of family life your dining room furniture will play an important role bringing beauty and tranquility to each family dining experience. Our furniture is of the highest quality from well respected manufactures in the modern and contemporary furniture industry and are sure to deliver a look, feel, and experience that will impress and delight.
  • Dining Tables

    Dining Tables
    A dining room table seems to hold a title of formality. More than any other table in a home, this is the room where we hold special occasions. Don’t feel pressured; we will eliminate this stress with our support. From solid wood dining room tables to glass extendible dining room tables, we supply anything you need. Leave the days of heavy and gloomy dining rooms, for the current European influences. Allow dining experiences to be highlighted with clean lines, so the focus is on what really matters, the people sitting around your dining room table.
  • Dining Chairs

    Dining Chairs
    The food at a dinner party can be divine but not at the sacrifice of comfortable seating. At IL Décor we focus on combining art with function. The showroom is located in Boston’s Back Bay. Our models allow you to sit in comfort and style. Choose between dining room chairs in multiples of finishes. From wood to metals and everything in between, your perfect dining room chairs are here.
  • Buffets and Curios

    Buffets and Curios
    Having a buffet in a dining room can be the most practical piece within the whole space. Not only does it hideaway clutter with its storage, but it can also serve as an extra surface during a dinner party. Also, it’s a beautiful way to show off personal collections of any sort. In IL Décor we have designs such as Cattelan and San Giacomo, but it doesn’t just stop there. Colors and finishes can be matched to any piece within your space and style. With a clear glass curio, a showcase could be created from that personal collection; adding color or texture into the living or dining room. Everyone loves having choices, browse and create yours.
  • Bar Furniture

    Bar Furniture
    To have a bar in your home that makes you feel like you’re at the best bar in town, can be quite a thrill. In IL Décor we want to make your bar special and unique, a reflection of your style. If you frequently entertain in your home, the bar is the spot guests tend to circulate. Designs by Cattelan Italia and Calligaris will open your eyes to the vast selections of designs and materials we have to offer. Together, we can create a bar in your home everyone will enjoy. Maybe you want to add some funky bar stools to an island in your kitchen? Mix it up with Calligaris’ colorful L'eau Counter Stools. You imagine it, we will make it happen.