Cicca Coffee Table, Miniforms Italy

Pair of coffee tables. Structure in painted metal or polished copper finish. Ceramic top, or lacquered with the same finish of the structure.

L: 12.6 x D: 21.2 x H: 18
L: 18.5 x D: 32.3 x H: 14.2

About Miniforms

Started in the early 1970’s, Miniforms began making small glass tables and accessories that stemmed from a parent company called Inventa, which was started in the 1962. During Miniforms evolution in the 1980’s they began expanding its production lines to include chairs, dining tables, artful mirrors and bookcases making them a leader in modern Italian furniture. Today, Miniforms continues to produce amazing products that are clean and modern, but also environmentally compatible using materials like solid wood, steel, glass and aluminum. Miniforms also works with many famous Italian designers like Enrico Girotti, Andrea Lucatello and Claudio Lovadina to bring designs that not only pleasing aesthetically, but are also functionally practical.

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