Camicino Cabinet, Tonelli Design

A multipurpose unit with revolving trays, in a perfect combination of glass and wood; wood finishes in cherry, wengé or light oak.

L: 19.3 x D: 14.2 x H: 28.3

About Tonelli Design

Some say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. However, Tonelli Design has a different philosophy believing that the utmost reverence they can provide to their clientele is with the act of producing inimitable furnishings that do not fit within the boundaries of popular trends. The Tonelli style is not created as a form of mass production to be duplicated from one dwelling to another – instead, it is tantamount to absolute distinction as one-of-a-kind Italian made pieces that are fully customized to represent the customer’s unique voice, while embodying the individual timbre of the designated home. Each glass component shines with the unmistakable brilliance and mastery of the renowned Tonelli designers and is finessed with a delicate hand to exemplify its sheer beauty, while crafted with tempered tenacity to ensure endless durability.

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