Bustier Armchair by Saba Italia

Elegant and wiggly shapes for this armchair that reminds of the wrapping corsets worn by XVII century ladies. It is composed of a rigid steel body embracing a huge pillow made of feather. In terms of shape, it expresses the sensibility and taste of a fashion object because it lends itself to endless changes and interpretations. The ergonomics unite perfectly with the small size, ideal for modern houses where the furnishings have to express and colour the environment without invading it.

Dimensions: 86 x 84 x75 cm.

About Saba Italia

Change the attitude of your living room with the luxury inspired furnishings of Saba Italia – a renowned Italian furniture enterprise that specializes in pieces that appeal to the human spirit and international consumer needs. With a classic hand upon the pulse of innovation, these unique examples of contemporary expression offer a fresh perspective in the world of interior design and allow households of every style and dimension to exceed quality standards to a level beyond realization.

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