Bonnie Bar Stool, Bonaldo Italy

Bonnie and Clyde: the perfect couple for youthful and informal settings. The Bonnie stool is swivel and height-adjustable. Bonnie and Clyde (stool and table) are ideal partners, but they are also available for purchase separately. They stand out for the painted metal frame with a square base featuring rounded corners, and are available in five colours: white, red, anthracite grey, saffron yellow and dove-grey.

W: 16 x D: 16 x H: 28/35
HS: 21/29
W: 16 x W: 16 x H: 32
HS: 25
W: 16 x D: 16 x H: 35
HS: 29

mat white
mat red
mat dove grey
mat anthracite grey
mat saffron yellow
steel painted in a color matching the seat
About Bonaldo

The Bonaldo way of life reflects the world of art with a wide-ranging selection of ultramodern furnishings that will accommodate your entire home with enticing products that are designed and manufactured by the most inspiring and talented Italian craftsmen. The stress and uncertainty of interior design will be non-existent, as the contemporary custom built furniture by Bonaldo will adorn each chamber of your residence with fluidity, original form, and sublime comfort. Your residence deserves the most appropriate motif available to establish a consistent pattern throughout that is conducive to your individual taste and preferences.

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