The driving force behind Weiman is its forty years of Artisanal footprints as a leading furniture designer and manufacturer, deeply entrenched within the extraordinary world of fashion combined with the magic of its parent company, Interlude Home – a domestic paradigm of household accessories. This union of magnificence established an incomparable consortium of all-inclusive furnishings, upholstered with a scintillating variation of sumptuously soft and richly textured fabrics sweeping each piece by the artistic hands of expert craftsmen with unwavering ingenuity.

Scrupulously linear in structural formation, yet immeasurably supple in tactile composition – the Luca Sofa exudes a timeless essence of classic yesteryear infused with striking contemporary exuberance for a look that will redefine your living space. Exquisite button tufting details adorn the densely padded seat cushions filled with rebounding foam and strengthened by elastic webbing reinforcements to ensure pliant, yet enduring quality. This regal rendering of modernity will captivate all with mesmerizing allure.

Luca Sofa

Introduce a sleek hallmark of contemporary enchantment into your seating area with the astounding style of the Italia Sectional Sofa. This decisive silhouette constructed from the durability of solid hardwood offers break, warp, and noise resistant stability, augmented by the innovative unidirectional cushion suspension system integrated into its core for lasting comfort and unyielding support. The simplicity of this lavish component generates an impression of minimalism, while beautifying your living room with unsurpassed sophistication. Entertain during a social gathering with ample seating availability or embrace the solitude of domestic bliss watching television or conversing with family members. Stretch your legs out upon the inviting chaise for a relaxing afternoon of leisure to take advantage of a few moments of calming repose or to immerse yourself within an engaging storyline from your favorite novel.

Italia Sectional Sofa

Lounge with resolute luxury upon the romantic teardrop shape of the Dana Chaise and Ottoman featuring a curvaceous, yet ergonomically sloped backrest that will embrace you with the padded support of its resilient inner composition comprised of memory enhanced polyurethane foam. The deep and plunging base of cushioned exaltation within the center of this remarkable seat will promise an unmistakable feeling of blissful comfort beyond compare. The 360 degree spherical ottoman will add to your pleasure as the perfect footrest for the epitome of relaxation or as an ancillary seating option during guest visits or special occasions.

Dana Chaise and Ottoman

Create a conversational nook within your entertainment area, the ideal accent next to a glimmering fireplace within your living room or sleeping quarters, or a welcoming set of seating components to offer colleagues within your home office with the cutting-edge design of the Geo Chair. This awe-inspiring illustration of pure innovation will deliver modern flair to its surroundings with its flattering tubular half circle backrest with open metal bracing, thickly padded and reinforced seat cushion, and panoramic swivel base for optimal access and ease at any angle. This delightful example of household fashion will leave a lasting impression upon all.

Geo Chair

Choose Weiman to furnish your entire domicile from the key pieces that will solidify the foundation of your home to the ornamentation that will add the final polish for eye-catching beauty, unmitigated comfort, and premium quality.