Some say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. However, Tonelli Design has a different philosophy believing that the utmost reverence they can provide to their clientele is with the act of producing inimitable furnishings that do not fit within the boundaries of popular trends. The Tonelli style is not created as a form of mass production to be duplicated from one dwelling to another – instead, it is tantamount to absolute distinction as one-of-a-kind Italian made pieces that are fully customized to represent the customer’s unique voice, while embodying the individual timbre of the designated home. Each glass component shines with the unmistakable brilliance and mastery of the renowned Tonelli designers and is finessed with a delicate hand to exemplify its sheer beauty, while crafted with tempered tenacity to ensure endless durability.

Let Tonelli Design help you to enjoy a meal with intimate sophistication upon the awe-inspiring Unity Dining Table as the perfect bistro setting for two upon a transparent, extra clear or smoked glass top surface. The harmonious symmetry of this sleek silhouette of spherical perfection will quietly augment any environment with contemporary softness, while defining its landscape with deliberate certitude. Choose your desired finish for the stabilizing tripod base, along with a size that will be an ideal fit within the proportions of your dining area.

Unity Dining Table

Harness the geometric refinement of the versatile Penrose Console Table to bolster the utility of your residence as a modern enhancement to your living room, hallway or foyer for decorative and functional placement. If you are someone who prefers to conduct business from home, give your office a cutting-edge appearance using this incomparable console as an innovative writing table or desk. Every facet of this transparent display of intricate originality creates eye-catching luxuriance from every angle of its surroundings.

Penrose Console Table

Fashionable artistry does not begin to adequately describe the captivating diversity that the lavish Dekon 2 Cocktail Table will introduce to any apartment, condominium or house. This exquisite adaptation from its preceding version will change the scope of your interior design with progressive expression and effortless elegance in your living room as a coffee table or in your sleeping quarters as a bedside stand.

Dekon 2 Cocktail Table

The Joliet Transparent Side Table will adapt to any backdrop as a mesmerizing element to sit along side of your sofa or lounge chair, against a wall or within a corner for an accessible and attention grabbing surface to position a small lamp, a beverage, remote control or a decorative floral arrangement. The linear base of this remarkable structure is designed with the option to ingeniously slide under a seating foundation of close proximity to maximize available floor space and can be tailored to your personal selection of finishes appealing to the singularity of your character.

Joliet Side Table