In 1968, The furniture company San Giacomo was born. In 1985, the company opened up to the European market with the establishment of San Giacomo International and in 1988 started selling to the U.S market with the division of San Giacomo North America. The combination of functionality, quality, materials, and prices make San Giacomo one of the best selling furniture companies in all of Italy.

San Giacomo makes modern designer furniture for the living and sleeping areas with the best quality and price possible.

The quality and craftsmanship of every piece is very visible within every line that San Giacomo produces. San Giacomo is famous for their customizable modular wall units such as the Alias, Hang, and Support which add a sense of modern and contemporary style to your home. San Giacomo has achieved success thanks to the courage, creativity, and passion which they put into every piece they produce. Establishing a strong relationship between the quality of their products and the price of every piece is San Giacomo’s main goal. The high quality of it’s production makes San Giacomo one of the toughest competitors in all major European countries where quality is a primary requirement for success. The constant growth and performance improvement in research and development are the fundamental qualities that make San Giacomo the best at what they do.