Change the attitude of your living room with the luxury inspired furnishings of Saba Italia – a renowned Italian furniture enterprise that specializes in pieces that appeal to the human spirit and international consumer needs. With a classic hand upon the pulse of innovation, these unique examples of contemporary expression offer a fresh perspective in the world of interior design and allow households of every style and dimension to exceed quality standards to a level beyond realization.

A perfect example of Saba Italia’s prolific skill and attention to detail is demonstrated within the finely upholstered River Sectional Sofa delivering a flawless sumptuousness eclipsed by the outstanding execution of its structural design. Undeniably comfortable, the ergonomic caliber of this refined seat of undulating pleasure is pronounced through its expressive forbearance and meticulous construction. The lavish originality of its fluid silhouette emulates a depth of enigmatic flair with its feather and foam cushion padding, integrated system of seat suspension, and the concise finishing subtleties.

River Sectional Sofa

The exquisite prowess of the LeCarmen Armchair is evident with the intrinsic detailing of the ingenious detachable collar that emphasizes its convertible form. This polarizing lounge chair is the ideal component for any area of your home in its folded position or transformed into an audacious version of itself in an upright stance with a heightened headrest and additional embracing comfort. The break and bend resistant internal frame of solid hardwood is softly shrouded with the highest quality upholstery available along with a conforming interior of polyurethane foam to ensure an experience of pure sublimity.

LaCarmen Armchair

A dramatic departure from conventional interpretations, the Primo Quarto Bookcase renders an unexpected resonance of whimsical delight, while elevating its surroundings with stunning modernity. The individual ebbing of each shelf’s arched sector generates an all-encompassing look of decorative harmony for the quintessential display of literary magnificence. This artistic foundation of uncompromising craftsmanship and strength will blend in nicely to a room of minimalism or stand upon its own laurels altering the perception of your home environment for a touch of pizzazz.

Primo Quarto Bookcase

In a dwelling with limited space, a sofa bed will provide accommodations that you might need for overnight visiting guests. Unlike many common styles, the Bed & Breakfast Sofa Bed made by Saba Italia is more than a mere standby sleeping structure – it is a welcoming apparatus of boundless comfort and distinction with a seamless conversion from daytime seating to nighttime respite. The internal layers of padded foam will ensure rebounding resilience and an endless journey of sweet dreams. Add the lush pillow back cushions to augment the soothing ease of this extraordinary piece and slip into its infinite indulgence at any time of day or night for years of blissful contentment.