Manufactured in Germany, the producer Rohleder has introduced a brand new Q2 Mosaik line of fabrics for the company ROM. Q2 Mosaik is the most recent upgrade of fabrics that the line has established. Each piece ordered, will be covered under a 5 year warranty. Additionally, it is created with no chemical treatments. This line of fabrics is easier to clean and maintain than any before it. Imagine spilling red wine or ketchup on a brand new sectional or sofa. Customers of ROM and Q2 Mosaik fabrics don’t need to stress about it, they simply scrub it with everyday soap and water and the fabric is guaranteed to be stain free and maintain its brand new look.

They offer over 14 color configurations with individual pattern styles for each. Alternating textures provide ultimate options for customers separate tastes. These fabrics are perfect for any contemporary home. Considering owners no longer have to worry about spills and stains on the surfaces, they are very kid friendly. Q2 Mosaik fabrics also offer excellent light fastness for consumers.

Beyond spill stains that are easily removable from these revolutionary upgraded fabrics, discolorations from jeans can also be treated. In this case, Rohleder determined these jean stains can be removed using diluted chlorine bleaching agent solution. When dealing with lipstick or ball point pen stains, owners should treat the stains with acetone. This new Q2 Mosaik line of fabrics designed by Rohleder is a game changer, and maintains to exceed business and reputation for ROM on all levels.

ROM Smile Sectional Sofa

At IL Décor we strive to bring you the latest in fashionable and comfortable upholstered furniture. We proudly feature new Q2 Mosaik fabric upgrade in ROM sofa collection. Buying ROM modern sofas in Boston is easier than ever, at IL Décor.