IL Decor is Boston’s newest showroom for modern, contemporary furnishings. Located within Boston’s fashionable Back Bay neighborhood, located in the 10 St. James building on St. James Ave, IL Decor occupies the former Kartell showroom.  IL Decor’s unique 2500 square foot showroom is filled with eye catching designs from Europe as well and the United States.  IL Decor represents some of the finest manufacturers of modern and contemporary furniture from several Italian manufacturers including Calligaris, Dellarobbia, Presotto, Innovation, Miniforms, Cierre and Gamma. The quality of the products IL Decor carries rivals that of other modern showrooms around Boston.


IL Decor store view 1


What sets IL Decor apart from the rest of the modern showrooms in Boston?  One main thing — Affordability! While other showrooms offer you modern style at a premium, IL Decor can give you the same quality and high style at a considerable savings.  Other things that sets IL Decor apart from other is the fact that they offer vast variety of vendors, from several different countries that offer items that ship quick. You no longer have to wait four to five months for an item to arrive — most items can ship within a month. Of course you can still special order items that can take as little as eight weeks to arrive, as well as items from Europe that can take longer.  While quick ship items give you the ability to gratify you almost instantly, most items are available in limited finishes. IL Decor can also custom order items to your exact specifications, colors, and configurations.

IL Decor also can help you with any interior design issue you may have. Starting from scratch? IL Decor can help you through the process.  IL Decor’s designers can evaluate your space and help you choose everything from flooring, wallpaper, paint colors, lighting and furniture scale and placement through the use of 3D design software so you can actually visualize your completed project before you start. This process makes it easier for you to choose the just the right items for your home, and makes you feel more comfortable making such a significant furniture purchase.  Working with one of the designers from IL Decor, you can together help make your vision for your home or space come to life virtually stress free.


IL Decor store view 2


IL Decor is filling a void that has long needed to be filled in Boston: Quality modern furniture from Europe that is not going to have you sell your first born, or take out a second mortgage to purchase, or take too long to receive.  IL Decor’s selection is vast, and the designers are knowledgeable and have an eye for creating some remarkable interiors with the unique resources available to them.  This new, unique, design showroom will soon be a major player, winning in the modern furniture market in Boston. Stop into IL Decor, your eyes will not know what to look at first.


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