Started in the early 1970’s, Miniforms began making small glass tables and accessories that stemmed from a parent company called Inventa, which was started in the 1962. During Miniforms evolution in the 1980’s they began expanding its production lines to include chairs, dining tables, artful mirrors and bookcases making them a leader in modern Italian furniture. Today, Miniforms continues to produce amazing products that are clean and modern, but also environmentally compatible using materials like solid wood, steel, glass and aluminum.  Miniforms also works with many famous Italian designers like Enrico Girotti, Andrea Lucatello and Claudio Lovadina to bring designs that not only pleasing aesthetically, but are also functionally practical.

Keeping with the tradition of their humble beginnings working with glass, Miniforms continues to impress with its designs, especially with its mirrors and occasional tables. The Little Blow table is one example of their masterwork in glass. Made entirely of recycled glass. The top is extra clear glass, which eliminates the “green” edge most tables have and the legs are mouth blown Murano glass. A stunning example of handcrafted glasswork.

 The innovative mirrors that Miniforms produces has set them apart from other mirror manufactures—You can always spot a Miniforms mirror.  Their amazing shapes and design are achieved with a water jet cutting system that allows for cuts and shapes that were historically impossible to do with glass cutting. A great example of this technology is seen in the Adamo and Eva mirrors.  Cut into the shape of male and female figures often seen to gender identify rest rooms these mirrors are as whimsical as they are a form of art.

Dining tables have been a recent focus for Miniforms, fusing the use of glass with other materials like wood and aluminum. The Ghost table is an example of this fusion, using solid wood legs, an aluminum frame and a tempered glass top or an aluminum honeycomb top covered in a wood veneer.  With it’s cabriole legs and clean modern lines, the Ghost table will fit into almost any interior.

Miniforms continues to evolve by working with some of Italy’s finest young designers, who continue to create stunning designs sought out by younger, hip clientele as well as those clients who want a piece of furniture that is more like a piece of art.