Italy does not just define a place of production, but goes beyond: for Midj, it indicates a way of thinking and living, that is embraced in designing and innovating the idea of furniture since 1987.

Zeus Dining Table

Not just Made in Italy, but a perfect synergy between hand - craft modeling, creativity and technology, that makes Midj’s working method the added value in each product.

In thirty years of work, Midj has managed to take care of an artisanal production with an industrial dimension. This means that the typical aspects of the craftsman's care - the attention to detail and the high quality of the products - are guaranteed even in the face of large-scale production.

Apelle CL Lounge

Midj takes the qualitative aspect of its models very seriously: "quality" is not an imaginary asset but a concrete value that affects every daily process.

Bongo MT Stool

Midj's quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, to always be in line with current quality standards.

Compliance with the applicable laws on occupational safety and environmental legislation is certified according to ISO 14001: 2015, an international standard that involves Midj and its suppliers to a sustainable approach that foresees an ever increasing reduction in consumption and pollution.

Guapa Chair

Midj's team is made up of women and men all over the world. In any context professionalism and competence are supported by their Code of Ethics. Midj's Code of Ethics intends to stimulate virtuous behavior and methods to best combine the correct conduct of the company with the socially relevant expectations and interests. Every day the team challenges each other to think creatively, to question and improve day by day.