Massachusetts is one of the most historical states because it was one of the original thirteen colonies. Boston remains the heart of New-England, and its significance in the furniture industry is very important. Massachusetts has been producing furniture for over 300 years. Early North American furniture design combined form and materials and was driven by necessity. Furniture was made from hardwoods such as cherry or walnut and steam was used to bend pieces. Boston remains mostly a traditional city but furniture in Massachusetts varies as much as the residents of this wonderful state.

Gallery 708 - American Furniture, 1650–1730

Many furniture stores in Massachusetts still follow the trend of only traditional furniture. Any furniture that spans from the 16th to the 19th century can be labeled traditional. Many sub-styles fall into this category including Federal style, Chippendale style, and Queen Anne style. Shell themes are common as well as animal feet or paws with or without claws in the base of the piece. The pieces are often made from thick carved wood with high-quality details and inlays. Traditional furniture is meant to be royal and regal and can be compared to the elaborate pieces in royal courts.

The Massachusetts furniture community has many lovers of the country and cottage furniture styles. Country furniture became popular in the 1980s, but its design originated out of the primitive necessity of the 17th and 18th centuries. Country furniture features simple clean designs with few frills and patterns. Oak and pine are the preferred materials and are polished for a clean look. Cottage furniture became popular in the time of the civil war but it making a comeback. It features brightly painted wooden pieces with simple design with almost a folk-art feel.

As we progress into the 21st century, modern and contemporary Italian and European designer furniture are the pieces that are captivating and taking over the Boston furniture scene. Contemporary design in Boston falls under the less-is-more school of thought. The pieces have a lot of simple strong lines and are recommended in neutral colors such as taupe, tan, black, or white. Bright and fun accessories are key to modern design and are perfect for standing out among larger neutral pieces. Bright pillows on a white sofa make everything pop without drawing too much attention from the sofa and without being inappropriately bright. Modern sofas, chairs and beds have strong bold lines and often feature simple geometric designs.

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