Magniflex: makers of the most environmentally and technologically advanced visco-elastic, water-latex and foam mattresses available today. They use award winning materials like Memoform Magnifoam, Elioform, Eliosoft, and others. Their product line consists of many different models with each consisting of different foams and materials.

Necessary, restful and energizing, sleep is a key to our well-being. Good sleep permits us to live life to the fullest and reflects positively on our performance, appearance and health. Magniflex models such as the Duoform XM contain such innovations as a cover made of the latest type of fabric: Outlast, a highly advanced textile that expands if it gets too hot allowing for the air to go through easier in order to cool the bed.

Considering we spend one-third of our lives asleep, it makes sense to invest in a mattress created to provide the perfect environment. Magniflex products come with a 20 year warranty, so you can be sure that they will last for a long time.

 No matter which Magniflex model you pick, you will have acquired a product of the best Italian quality offering unparalleled benefits. The three collections are the Classic group, the licensed Tonino Lamborghini collection and the Geoethic Naturally collection. Models include the Riposo, Buongiorno, and the luxurious Gold which is manufactured with a 22 karat gold yarn cover.

 Their patented environmentally friendly materials allow the mattress to adapt to your natural body shape, while providing excellent orthopedic support for your body. Each mattress comes with a hypoallergenic removable cover that can be dry cleaned. All fabrics are sanitized to prevent the propagation of bacteria, dust mites, and mold.

 A Magniflex mattress provides regenerative sleep unlike you have ever experienced, so you awake thoroughly refreshed. You can rest assured that your Magniflex mattress is an investment in your long term health and well-being.