Innovation was founded in 1971 in Denmark by Flemming Hoejfeldt, who it still the owner and chairman of the company. To begin, Hoejfeldt started the company with a production of beanbags. For 15 years, Innovation served as a supplier for the furniture industry. They started out with designs of modern and contemporary sleep sofas provided by a competition among students at the School of Architecture in Arhaus. In 1991, Innovation USA was founded, and has distribution warehouses in New Jersey and California that supplies all of the USA, Canada and South America. Innovation sofa - sleepers are enjoyed worldwide. They are also branching into occasional tables and chairs.

Innovation combines good design, style, functionality, and comfort to make a difference in your everyday life. Apart from their gorgeous design, Innovation is always looking toward the future. Innovation has a certified environmental profile and all recyclable waste, like cardboard, plastic, iron, and metal, is separated and used in other productions.

Each Innovation sofa-sleeper has a very unique design and most are custom configurable so that you can match any sofa-sleeper with your own personal style and taste. Each sofa is designed to convert into a highly comfortable bed for everyday use. With Innovation, you have the change to invent your own living environment created by modular and multifunctional seating elements and create the modern and contemporary styled home that you desire.

One of the most popular sleeper that Innovation produces is the Cassius Sofa. This comfortable sleeper folds out to a queen size bed, without having to move the coffee table to another room. As with all of the sleepers that Innovation produces, the mattress, or seat cushion is made with an innerspring mattress for added comfort. The seat slides forward and the back folds down to complete the bed. The easy of this fold out system makes the Cassius one of the best sleepers in the Innovation line.



Another great sleeper is the Spacer. This modern, armless sofa has a unique mechanism that allows the back to fold down in increments. The seat and back are tufted and the Spacer uses the same innerspring cushions as all other sleepers. You just pull the back towards you and sofa folds flat to a queen bed for sleeping.  This is perfect for an office or apartment, as well as any spare room you need extra sleeping space. Your overnight guests will want to stay longer after a night on one of these sleepers.


Innovation is not just a name for the company—but it is what they do-Innovate. They combine years of experience with an eagerness to evolve, providing useful furniture for today’s modern world that combines comfort, style and functionality.