Gamma International was formed through the aspirations of two friends that molded this love of designing furniture into a company that has climbed to the top of the European home décor market. The headquarters remain in Italy where it all began, with a close eye kept on every step involved in production. This insures the quality Gamma is known for in all of its items. It is also in the quality of bull hide that Gamma uses that maintains their spot at the top. Bulls only from northern Europe are used; their hide grows strong since the weather is cold. It is then only the top grain of the hide that Gamma uses to reupholster the entire sectional in. If leather is not the ideal material for your space, different models of Gamma sectionals are also available in many complimentary shades of fabric as well. Until you have sat in a Gamma sectional, you haven’t experienced the superior craftsmanship and comfort Gamma is well known for.

Gamma Swing Leather Sectional

Made in a small warehouse in Italy by only the best artisans’ and designers, leather is cut by hand so that the pattern of hide on your sectional has a symmetrical look from every corner. The Swing sectional is pictured in creamy white textured leather. Slim arms are designed to maximize space for seating, while elevated back cushions offer support for the neck and head. The Swing sectional also comes with an option for a curved back as well. This can make a grand statement in any space. Schematics come in an assortment of arrangements to fit any floor plan from a curved short sofa to a peninsula with or without a corner, design the sectional of your dreams with the endless options Gamma provides. Let your imagination take over, from customizing the stitching to the feet of your sofa, it is all up to you.

Gamma Brandy Sectional

For a more formal space Dandy Home may be the right collection for your space. Considered the luxury end of Gamma, Dandy Home is fashion forward thanks to designer Giuseppe Vigano. The Brandy sectional blends classic sophistication with modern lines. With its low profile back, no view will be disrupted. An armless loveseat can be attached to a wide chaise to create a sectional that is perfectly elegant. Attention is given to the detail of the stitching within the Brandy sectional. In a contrasting color, the stitching sweeps around the arms of the sectional, outlining its substantial arms. Metal feet effortlessly hold up the Brandy sectional making it appear weightless. Upholstered in smooth untreated leather which can be seen in grade H, the hide’s natural texture has been sanded down producing a sleek look.

Gamma divides its grades of leather 5 ways; C,E,F,H, and J. Within each of these grades are arrays of colors to compliment any palette of colors. In other grades such as E called Piuma or Pampas and grade C called Club, various thicknesses of leather have been sanded, then embossed in texture to create an even pattern. Coated in scotch guard, these grades are protected against water and grease. In higher grades such as grade F called Burt, unprotected leather showcase natural markings as a thing of beauty. While the comfort level of these sectionals will leave you in disbelief, it is easy to see how Gamma has raised the bar for quality in the design world. Sectionals by Gamma are built to last. Squeaking, sagging and breaking are all prevented with the help of solid wood frames and a double suspension system that creates a web. Cushions are then packed with foam and a top layer of down feathers allowing your body to relax while being support. Within any of Gamma’s designs, options for components are seemingly endless. Sectionals can be configured with armless chairs and loveseats that end in terminals or range in seat widths. Make the sectional that is perfect for your home with designs seen nowhere else.