Over seven decades ago amidst the Fjords region of Norway, two brothers filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and adventure shared a mutual vision and made the decision to embark upon a small business together designing and building high quality furnishings for the home. Growing up within a household bound by an unbreakable thread of family kinship, Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde applied their unwavering ideals and tenacity to their craft creating exquisite pieces of history that would outlast most and give other families a sense of warmth, harmony, and sophistication. With the inevitable addition of their other brother Ingvald, whose artistic contribution proved to be invaluable – this trio of Artisans went on to develop their basement-born furniture shop into a large scale contemporary furniture business. As with any professional endeavor, the Hjellegjerde brothers learned a few profound lessons through a series of trials and tribulations. However, they did not allow any obstacles to hold them back for any length of time and eventually, they became an international furniture phenomenon poised with business savvy, a stronger resolve, and the captivating new name of Fjords.

In recent years, Fjords discovered a way to bolster their extraordinary craftsmanship through the pinnacle of innovation with a unique technology created by the brilliant scientists of NASA featuring an unprecedented seating option that offers contemporary refinement infused with the ultimate in ergonomic fitness. The Contura 2010 Zero Gravity Recliner with a neck adjusting pillow has raised the bar in furniture as the hallmark of modernization, transforming from a gorgeous reclining chair into an ultramodern vessel of groundbreaking distinction that will position an outstretched individual into a zero-gravity level beyond standard elevation to promote significantly improved blood circulation and heart health.

Fjords Contura 2010 Zero Gravity Recliner

Sink into a sumptuous sectional sofa, while maintaining your seating independence with the Grip Three Piece Sectional that will allow you to experience individual seating that is incorporated into a larger collective of remarkable versatility. Included within this oasis of indulgence is the signature Fjords Active Release System that provides adjustable neck supports for optimum head comfort upon the high back loveseat portion of this sectional. The soft seats feature densely padded cushions with integrated suspension for enduring resilience, contoured armrests that double as headrests when lounging, and a plush low back corner seat that supplements the enchanting silhouette of this fabulous structure.

Fjords Grip Sectional

The Breen Swivel Chair is true to its soft and inviting appearance with its flawless supple leather exterior, linear furrows, subtle rounded contours, and embracing comfort. This eye-catching wonder will add flair to your home office behind your desk, introduce an element of drama into your dining room as a set around the table or insert a touch of color as an accent chair within your living room. The polished metal base provides 360 degrees of swiveling delight allowing you to access anything within your immediate surroundings at a moment’s notice.

Fjords Breen Swivel Chair

Whether you choose a singular component for one area of your residence or furnish your entire dwelling – the Fjords way of life will deliver an ideal, modern, and awe-inspiring backdrop for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.