In the middle of the 1970’s, a project was undertaken by a family that wanted to represent the “Made in Italy” tradition and combine elegance with technique, art, and quality. Their creative projects and leather upholstered furniture soon became everyone’s favorite new trend. Since then, their collections have become the desired products of contemporary life.

Cierre is all about making good quality design products and their highly skilled craftsmen successfully make that happen. Every material that is used to produce their products is put together and assembled with their own hands to ensure perfect assembly and many years of guaranteed comfort and style. Today, Cierre offer a wide variety of armchairs, sofas, sectionals, bedroom sets, lamps, accessories, and other decorative items.

Many of Cierre’s modern armchairs and sofas come in many different shapes and styles. They are very interested in meeting the needs of every customer. With each product, they give you the option to change and customize the size, color, and modular shape to meet your own personal preferences. This gives you a lot of flexibility when choosing one of their contemporary pieces.

Symphony Sofa

For example, The Symphony modular sofa is available with four different options for armrests that can be matched however you like.  This sofa comes in many different variations that you can choose to match your living room and personal taste with three different models.

Almost all of their sofa products have a similar designing process. First, you choose the model you like and choose the arms that you would like to go with it. After choosing the arms, you pick modules to combine into a sofa, one arm sofa, lounge, or sectional. Each model is available in many different sizes, colors, and leather options.

Margot B Armchair

A couple very popular armchairs and lounges by Cierre are the Margot armchair and the Monet Rocking Lounge.  The Margot armchair is made of polyurethane foam and has metal feet that are available in an attractive chrome finish. Armchairs such as the Boheme Chair can be purchased as an armchair, chair, or sofa. Also, the famous Chandelier chair can be purchased as an armchair, longchair, or rocking chair. These options are given to you to ensure that your sofa or armchair matches your exact taste and fits your contemporary needs.

Karma Bed

Cierre’s high quality products and uniqueness bring out the elegance and style in any bedroom. The Karma Bed has an adjustable headboard that flips up or down for watching television or reading. This bed is available in Queen and King Sizes and in three leather categories each with their own texture and dozens of colors. The Chandelier Leather Bed also has a stunning tall headboard and amazing hand-stitched detail. It matches the Chandelier armchair and is available in three leather categories as well.

Cierre makes beautiful hand-made leather products and their many possible combinations make it easy to furnish your home no matter how small or large it is. Their leather hides, colors, and textures are fantastic and each piece is designed to represent their excellence and quality of their products.