The eighties represented a pivotal era of global emergence for audacious fashion, contemporary luxury, resolute originality, strident inspiration, and universal environmentalism. During this explosive period of individual growth, the ubiquitous gates of innovation were fearlessly opened, changing the societal view of personal expression, artistry, and naturalism. Bross, an Italian furniture company founded in 1981, embraced this modern approach to domestic living, allowing that decade’s philosophy to drive their creativity, while translating their new level of design into the function, form, and quality of their lavish and eco-friendly furnishings.

Embodying the Bross brand of skillful woodworking is the striking Madison 1424 Di Sofa featuring an assertive curvaceous back contoured to wrap you with modern minimalism nuanced by an air of classic grace. This anchor of sculptural flair is built with firm stability and made to last with its solid hardwood frame of break and bend resistance followed by the lush comfort of the foam padded seat cushion. This charming piece will deliver harmony and refinement to any setting in your preferred choice of colors and fabrics for a look that characterizes your persona.

Madison 1424 Di Sofa

The unconventional concept sweeping the blueprint of the Bar Code Wardrobe takes ingenuity to an entirely new level with its versatile mastery and artistic brilliance. This unit is comprised of separate modules that sit in tandem with one another upon a floor glider enabling effortless access. Its clever sliding motion will expand or compress adjusting to your room’s dimensions, while allowing you to devise your own Bar Code layout with a custom selection of colors and finishes to suit your desired appearance and positioning. This extraordinary system of organization will be ideal as an all-encompassing wardrobe for your apparel, a spectacular library to display all of your literary publications or a unique partition delineating a division between areas of vastness.

Bar Code Wardrobe

Utilizing the Duxilon process of wood construction, Bross can transcend their wooden formations into a realm of limitless possibilities with the meticulous altering and bowing of size, breadth, and camber to establish a contemporary structure beyond imagination, as demonstrated within the mesmerizing Snake Library. This inimitable amalgamation of precision and beauty offers a labyrinth of passages allowing you to display your books and ornamentation in a visually fascinating manner. Customize in white for a look of pure minimalism or insert a burst of color to awaken the energy of its environment.

Snake Bookcase

Never compromising in quality or craftsmanship, geometrical composition is a concentration often manifested within an array of Bross furnishings to capture the linear magnificence of architectural innovation. The Six 3160 Pouf modules introduce an element of whimsy infused with stunning functionality as an ottoman collective for ancillary seating or an elegant table composite to serve with communal diversity or singularity. This display of vanguard splendor is indicative of revolutionary prowess and can be tailored to suit your individual taste and interior style in your choice of eye-catching colors and exquisite finishes.

Six Coffee Table