Stemming from an abiding culture of European certitude and the suavity of sleek minimalism, Antonello Italia has been espousing pure contemporary refinement for over four decades through incomparable skill, unbridled creativity, and the highest quality of excellence in utilized materials. Motivated by the finer aspects of furniture design from artistic inception and realization to production and delivery, this sophisticated brand of furnishings has enhanced the beauty of various dwellings worldwide establishing a refreshing and stunning way of life that embodies the enriching individualism that every household deserves.

The Miami Glass Dining Table offers the ideal solution for accommodating varying numbers of individuals at any given moment. This flawless foundation of intoxicating beauty provides versatile utility for a small family, while smoothly transitioning into an extended size through its internal lengthening mechanism for a larger group of diners. At the end of your meal, you will have the option to effortlessly return the table back to its original size, as the built-in leafs will slide back into place when not being used. This captivating design will elevate its surroundings as an attention grabbing centerpiece or will create the model atmosphere for contemporary minimalism.

Miami Dining Table

Imagine sitting within your own cozy modular library as it encircles you with subtle seclusion, while reading your favorite novel from an endless collection of fiction and non-fiction books upon a distinctive bookshelf that exceeds all possibility. The River Bookcase is an unprecedented tower of diverse style offering a clean progressive design with a myriad of configurations that will appeal to your personal aesthetic, while acquiescing to the dimensions of its designated space. Custom design your bookcase to fit your specific needs, preferences, and size with your choice of materials, finishes, and color.

River Bookcase

The extraordinary design of the Clio Sideboard will transform any environment into an artistic gallery of organizational wonder. This unconventional silhouette of geometric grandeur features an angular composition of antithetical brilliance, while offering functional superiority. Contain a variety of cutlery from your fine china and glassware to your serving pieces and related utensils within the inner compartments of this beguiling structure upon transparent glass shelves for ease of access. Use the winged top surface to exhibit your mouthwatering gourmet cuisine during special occasions or to display some of your favorite ornamentation with modern style and convenience.

Clio Sideboard