Bag Sofa by Gamma International, Italy

Your bold personality leads you to make unusual choices, and the Bag modern furniture design is the perfect style for your dynamic tastes. A unique style with chic and stylish contours, this outstanding living room furniture has just the right amount of sleek sophistication to create an extraordinary living space.

Dimensions: 43'' x 203''

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You’ll have the most sophisticated living room of anyone you know when you choose to include the Bag modern furniture design in your home. Gamma Arredamenti has included this chic living room sectional sofa as part of their Dandy collection and proudly offers this unique style for your extraordinary home décor. This unusual design style features comfortably padded cubes bound in premium grade bull hide leather. These large cubes are placed in the configuration of your choice for completely customizable layouts. Some of the sections are backless, and others offer amazingly comfortable support with cushioned backrests. Stretch out and relax in luxurious comfort on this amazingly unique modern living room furniture and enjoy hours of repose with this eclectic seating arrangement. Let this beautiful modern furniture design become the focal feature of your living space, and make a fantastic impression on your guests with the Bag design from Gamma Arredamenti.
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Texture Full Leather
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