Arthur Dining Table, Antonello Italia

The pairing of materials such as glass and aluminium finds one of its best expressions in the Arthur table, able to satisfy the needs of people who prefer a more technical and meticulous design that, for this reason, is completely versatile and suitable to every furnishings style. Extendible table with aluminium automatic mechanism, tempered glass top and lateral double extension 10 mm. Aluminium, wood veneered aluminium or hide leather covered legs.

W: 64/84/103.5 x D: 40 x H: 30
W: 80/103.5/127 x D: 40 x H: 30

About Antonello Italia
Antonello Italia

Stemming from an abiding culture of European certitude and the suavity of sleek minimalism, Antonello Italia has been espousing pure contemporary refinement for over four decades through incomparable skill, unbridled creativity, and the highest quality of excellence in utilized materials. Motivated by the finer aspects of furniture design from artistic inception and realization to production and delivery, this sophisticated brand of furnishings has enhanced the beauty of various dwellings worldwide establishing a refreshing and stunning way of life that embodies the enriching individualism that every household deserves.

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