Established  in 1984, ALIVAR quickly became internationally known as being the only company that produced furniture designed by some of the great past masters such as Corbusier, Charles Eames, and Mies van der Rohe.  Today, ALIVAR produces furniture with attention to technological innovation and design.   ALIVAR creates some of the most amazing furniture for the entire home that includes dining tables, chairs, beds and much more that  feature the purest, most minimal styling that focuses on practical functionality.  

The Boss bed designed by designed by Bruno Rainaldi is a perfect example of the minimalist decadence that ALIVAR is known for. The chromes steel legs contrast the curved texture of the quilted leather headboard.  With a choice of a tall or short headboard, the Boss bed is a perfect compliment for any modernist space and offers jet-set elegance that will transform any room into a dynamic space.

Alivar Boss Bed with High Headboard

The Portofino sofa collection designed by Giuseppe Bavuso , is another use of minimalism design  by ALIVAR.  A graceful polished or lacquered metal frame with stiletto leg, support the clean lined exqisite frame of the Portofino. The soft inviting cushions prove that this modern form is anything but uncomfortable. This collection has several options to create the most luxurious sofa or sectional seating area.

Portofino XL Sofa by Alivar

 Another dynamic use of functional form is shown in the complimentary pieces that ALIVAR produces.  The TV units, cabinets, tables and bookcases all showcase the extreme use of great design that incorporates functions for daily living. The Shanghai Bookcase, again designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, is a true artistic design that brings a unique flair to any room.  The outer structure is black or thermo treated oak, or black or white lacquer. The inner shelves are made with a DUXILON process that is available in white, grey concrete, cord and black. The DUXLION process allows for modeling of the panels in soft, original shapes without visible joints and also with different thicknesses which was impossible with traditional manufacturing technologies.

Shanghai Bookcase

ALIVAR is truly a modern company with refined style, perfect for those who seek simplicity in all things-Perfect for those who want to surround themselves with objects of functionality they consider most important.


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  1. Compass Dining Table, Alivar Italy
    Compass Dining Table, Alivar Italy
    Compass is a round-top table with a stained ash-wood or Italian walnut-wood structure and exquisite marble or wooden top. The combination of the two materials creates a tactile contrast: whilst the marble, with its elegant veins, is typically perceived as a colder material, the wood, with its natural essence, brings a soft warming touch.
    Thanks to the cross-shaped structure in front of them, which gives the item greater strength and stability, the slightly angled legs almost seem to communicate with each other. Compass is also available with a rotating Lazy Susan turntable in the middle of the table top, making it much easier for diners to reach serving dishes.
    Compass is a work of art: a beautiful piece that enhances living spaces and dining rooms with its elegant craftsmanship and exclusive details. Learn More
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  2. Shake Sideboard, Alivar Italy
    Shake Sideboard, Alivar Italy

    Shake is a charming cabinet containing a number of units and compartments for you to store your essentials, including glasses and crystal bottles.
    It’s ideal for creating a dedicated spot for drinks and cocktails in the comfort of your own home. The decorative horizontal inlays across the cabinet's two front doors create a subtle raised effect that gives the Italian walnut-wood or matt-lacquer surface added movement.
    Other details include the polished or painted aluminium closure andangled, cast-aluminium legs that provide a light touch against the imposing size of the cabinet as a whole. The integrated minibar—makes your drink corner even more practical. Learn More
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  3. Round Bedside, Alivar Italy
    Round Bedside, Alivar Italy

    Round name, round look: the Round bedside table is available in two different styles, with or without legs. Both completed with table top/tray made from satin-titanium painted steel and 43 cm in diameter, the Round table with legs comes with a small storage drawer and undertop resting on a cross-shaped support created by the satin painted steel frame.

    The version without legs is one individual round block with three storage drawers for greater practicality.

    Both Round models are available in heat-treated oak, black oak, Italian walnut finishes or leather upholstery. Learn More
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  4. Giano Chest, Alivar Italy
    Giano Chest, Alivar Italy

    Everything has its place in the Giano chest of drawers, complete with drawers of two different sizes to store your everyday clothes and objects, and side compartments with small shelves and hooks to store your belts and ties in an orderly manner.
    Giano is enhanced by two large full-length mirrors that open out and close at the sides, depending on your needs, showcasing (or concealing) the two vertical side compartments with matt-lacquer finish in a linen tone. The mirror in the middle is always visible and gives the chest top added depth.
    The whole structure, available in heat-treated oak, black oak or Italian walnut wood, is upholstered with sophisticated leather, as are the drawers and handles with visible stitching and satin nickel inserts. Learn More
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  5. Papillon Bed, Alivar Italy
    Papillon Bed, Alivar Italy

    Perfect for your bedroom. Boasting an essential and simplistic shape, this bed is very soft thanks to its goose-down quilt, polyester-fibre lining and comfortable headboard comprising two large cushions made with differentiated-density polyurethane foam.
    The volume of the headboard contrasts beautifully with the bed’s thin shape and narrow legs made of painted cast aluminium. With its cosy design, soft leather, distinctive materials and impeccable top stitching, Papillon is the perfect personification of comfort and well-being—essential elements for a good night’s sleep. Learn More
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  6. Oriental Bench, Alivar Italy
    Oriental Bench, Alivar Italy

    Bench. Base in solid painted oak with caps in black nickel or champagne painted brass. Cushion in polyurethane foam and polyester fiber lining. Leather or fabric cover. Learn More
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  7. Oriental Bar Cabinet, Alivar Italy
    Oriental Bar Cabinet, Alivar Italy

    Bar sideboard with two doors and handles in titanium or champagne painted brass. External frame in rosewood with inside compartment in matt lacquered or external frame in matt or glossy lacquered or "Terra di Galestro" glazed ceramic finishing with inside compartment in rosewood. Inside compartment equipped with mirror, shelves, three drawers and Led lighting. Base in painted solid oak with capsin titanium or champagne painted brass. Learn More
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  8. Tratto Bar Cabinet, Alivar Italy
    Tratto Bar Cabinet, Alivar Italy

    Versatile and flexible, minimally styled and functional, this truly multi-purpose piece can be adapted to different spaces. In the new collection, the Tratto system is offered as a sideboard version in coloured walnut or heat-treated oak, with leather doors and top. What makes this piece of furniture unique lies inside: more than a simple sideboard, it features an inner compartment with a mirror for added depth, shelves, three drawers and four leather mini drawers, all of which make for an elegant and exclusive sideboard. Learn More
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  9. Radar XL Dining Table, Alivar Italy
    Radar XL Dining Table, Alivar Italy

    Radar XL is a sculptural table that truly stands out. The steel base accentuates its dramatic presence,while the turning top at the centre highlights its originality. The round shape of the new Radar XL table is designed to make conversation between diners ‘totally democratic', ensuring their interaction remains informal. The laser-cut painted steel arches, featuring an elongated design, are the absolute distinguishing features of this piece of furniture, which stands out for its harmonious proportions and is ideal for a wide array of different interior décor styles. The table top is made of wood with an aluminium insert, and it is available with a white marble, Italian walnut-wood coloured or painted oak wood cladding Radar XL is also available in the version with a “Lazy Susan” turntable. Learn More
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  10. Ester Dining Chair, Alivar Italy
    Ester Dining Chair, Alivar Italy

    Perfectly balanced between past and contemporary present, the new Ester seat is able to bring back to life sophisticated atmospheres from the past thanks to the vintage touch that distinguishes its silhouettes and colours. Several materials make up this interior décor item with timeless charm: from the warmth of oak- or walnut-wood, to the steel shell, and also the polyurethane foam padding that is elegantly enveloped by leather upholstery. Learn More
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  11. Scribe Vanity Table, Alivar Italy
    Scribe Vanity Table, Alivar Italy

    The writing desk is a timeless item of furniture,used in modern times to furnish any room, from the bedroom to the lounge. The writing surface and leather-clad details express timeless sartorial care and introduce Italian authenticity to the world. A mixture between a desk to make notes or write a travel journal and an elegant make-up console, Scribe consists of a storage compartment incorporated into the hide-upholstered top, and other accessories, such as a mirror and a small shelf to organise your stationery or other small items. Available with a frame in painted oak-wood or walnut-wood, Scribe is an item of interior décor with a strong scenic impact devised for the bedroom and for all those tiny personal moments throughout the day. Learn More
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  12. Convivio Dining Table, Alivar Italy
    Convivio Dining Table, Alivar Italy

    The art of carpentry is fully expressed in the play of horizontal and vertical grains that forms the structure of the table. The precious marble top and woodwork provide truly Italian elegance. Convivio is the new dining table that revives Italian cabinet-making tradition through the use of wood implemented in the frame - either walnut-wood or painted oak-wood - that warms and embraces the beauty of the materials used to make the table top. The thickness of the frame turns Convivio into an 'impressive' item of furniture that plays the starring role in the dining room while encouraging sociability. Learn More
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