Virtuoso Mallow Maxi Pillow, Magniflex Italy

The Virtuoso collection has all of the best features any mattress can offer. Each model has a refined look and combines fine quality materials with sophisticated fabrics, and the most precious fibers Nature has to offer. The mattress cover, in shiny viscose, is embellished by a decorative motif of Florentine lilies.
The thicker Mallow layer gives the best support to both the neck and shoulders. Removable, washable viscose satin lining. Provided with a second internallayer . Cloth decorated with elegant embroideries.

28 ½” x 16 ½” x 6”

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Cover Satin viscose
Internal structure Mallow Foam
Benefits Support neck and shoulders
Thicker to support your head even more.
About Magniflex

Magniflex: makers of the most environmentally and technologically advanced visco-elastic, water-latex and foam mattresses available today. They use award winning materials like Memoform Magnifoam, Elioform, Eliosoft, and others. Their product line consists of many different models with each consisting of different foams and materials.

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