7187-B Esagono Rug, Calligaris Italy


Highly decorative thanks to its geometric motifs: triangles, diamonds, and hexagons highlighted by different color combinations.
HEXAGON is a jacquard-weave rug made of a mix of fire-retardant vintage-look yarns, proposed in a single color version, where the different shades blend to create an array of tonal shades. Choose your favorite.
Special order only

L: 118 x D: 78.7

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About Calligaris

Over the past ninety years, Calligaris has grown and expanded to become one of the best and highest selling Italian Furniture Manufacturers all around the world. Calligaris makes Authentic and affordable contemporary furniture with a great focus on Dining Rooms. They offer everything from wooden tables, glass tables, extendable tables, dining chairs, and so much more. Most pieces manufactured by Calligaris have the option of being changed to the size, color, and shape that you would like. For example, you may like a certain table with black glass but want to change it to clear glass or high gloss to match your Dining Room style. Calligaris makes it easy to match and perfect each contemporary room in your house to your own personal style and taste.

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