Themis Leather Sectional Sofa with Recliner, ROM Belgium

Themis Sectional Sofa will make in BELGIUM by ROM specially for you. Available in different sizes, and fabrics. Please call for more info.

W: 110/110 x D: 42/ 42 x H: 40
custom sizes

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ROM Belgium has introduced the 20 CM collection of sofas. Any sofa in this group is extremely customizable and made to fit your interior. First you pick a model such as the Themis. You can stretch and contort the sofa, sectional, or corner by increments of 20 CM on either side. Then, add a single or double recliner, Bultex memory foam bed, chaise lounge, and many other features - exactly where you want them. For example let's say you take the Themis model we chose and make it into a corner. One side is 300cm with a recliner on the end and the other side is 260cm with a hidden queen size bed. The longer side can be shortened to 280 or 260 cm or even more - any size! Then, you choose upholstery, stitching, height and finish of feet and the sofa of your dreams comes to life.

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