Dekora Plus Office Chair, Quadrifoglio Italy

The appeal of a furniture item dedicated to personal wellbeing in a people-friendly chair featuring comfort, quality padding and posture regulation. Manufactured By Quadrifoglio.

Dimensions (inches)

L: 28.7 x D: 28.7 x H: 41.7/45.7
HS: 16/19.3
L: 28.7 x D: 28.7 x H: 35/39
HS: 16/19.3
L: 21.8 x D: 23.6 x H: 36.2
HS: 17.3


Color Choice of colors
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Executive armchair. High or low backrest. Seat and back upholstered in various solutions. Fixed or tilting versions. Armrests in chromed.

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