Mirage Easy Bed, Cantori Italy

Mirage Easy Bed, Cantori Italy

Dimensions (inches):
L: 71 x D: 87 x H: 44 - 11
L: 79 x D: 87 x H: 44 - 11
L: 87 x D: 87 x H: 44 - 11

Quick Overview

Mirage easy double or single bed.
The internal structure is in plywood and in solid poplar and beech wood. The structure covering is in non-deformable expanded polyurethane and synthetic material. The covering of the headboard and bed frame can be customised with fabric, leather or eco-leather. A bed with flexible dimensions, padded with vertical stitching which facilitates modularity and provides a soft yet strong look to the structure.

Additional Details

Color Choice of colors
Finish Choice of finishes

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