Over seven decades ago amidst the Fjords region of Norway, two brothers filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and adventure shared a mutual vision and made the decision to embark upon a small business together designing and building high quality furnishings for the home. Growing up within a household bound by an unbreakable thread of family kinship, Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde applied their unwavering ideals and tenacity to their craft creating exquisite pieces of history that would outlast most and give other families a sense of warmth, harmony, and sophistication. With the inevitable addition of their other brother Ingvald, whose artistic contribution proved to be invaluable – this trio of Artisans went on to develop their basement-born furniture shop into a large scale contemporary furniture business. As with any professional endeavor, the Hjellegjerde brothers learned a few profound lessons through a series of trials and tribulations. However, they did not allow any obstacles to hold them back for any length of time and eventually, they became an international furniture phenomenon poised with business savvy, a stronger resolve, and the captivating new name of Fjords.