Daytona Rectangular Dining Table, Cattelan Italia

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Daytona Rectangular Dining Table, Cattelan Italia

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Dimensions (inches):
L: 55/86.6 x D: 31.5 x H: 29.5
L: 63/94.5 x D: 35.4 x H: 29.5
L: 71/102.4 x D: 35.4 x H: 29.5
L: 87.7/115.7 x D: 41.7 x H: 29.5

Quick Overview

The Daytona dining table has an impressive design that is sure to capture the attention of all who have the opportunity to see it. This amazing dining table is designed by Studio Kronos and is executed through the use of simple lines and without any other ornamentation. The Daytona is available in six sizes intended to accommodate just about any dining space. The base can be finished in stainless steel, whenge or walnut wood, while the top and extensions come in clear tempered glass. The extension mechanism is made from stainless steel and aluminum, and is exclusive to Cattelan Italia.

Price is for Daytona Dining Table L: 55/86.6 x D: 31.5 x H: 29.5 with Clear Glass and Stainless Steel base.

The Daytona Rectangular table ranges in price from $6,301 to $8,533 depending on size and material options.

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Finish Glass

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IL Decor Cattelan furniture photo Boston, MA – (May 31, 2016) – As a premier all-inclusive luxury design boutique located within a citadel of refined culture and cutting-edge modernity – IL Décor will be opening their doors to the next chapter of inimitable artistry with the arrival of several original furnishings from Cattelan Italia in the spring of 2016. This luxurious mélange of innovation features exquisite pieces that express the spirit of domestic living with the fluidity of texture and form. The effortless transcendence of simplicity is a signature characteristic that Cattelan Italia exemplifies through the skillful craftsmanship of their unique furniture components, transforming understated grace into a functional rise of unparalleled decadence.

Cattelan Italia was founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan who worked with some of Italy’s most renowned designers to offer stunning Italian designed furniture. Today, their son, Paolo, carries on that tradition by working with such designers as Emilio Nanni and Gastone Rinaldi, who have contributed to Cattelan’s award winning collection, which includes something distinctive for every room in the house-or as Cattelan calls it “la Casa Completa.”