A night can feel exceptional when family and friends have gathered around a dining table. Typically reserved for special occasions, a dining table holds a unique title of grandness. Dining becomes an event in itself and Italian manufacturer Rossetto knows how to capture the moment. Rossetto has set the bar high with its superior craftsmanship. Extraordinary work with modern lines and exclusive finishes adds an element of luxury that is hard to find anywhere else. As a designer, Rossetto understands that the interpretation of luxury ranges depending on personal preference. Multiple collections carry evolving styles such as the Lounge series. In this arrangement, bright colors and patterns create a big impact while the Nightfly and Diamond collections have sensational designs that shimmer. The Diamond series works with Swarovski Crystal details that are then set into glossy lacquer, to orchestrate a space that engulfs you in glamour. The assortments of finishes offered by Rossetto are extensive, making it an easy choice for any space.

Diamond Dining Table

The Lagoon Dining Table from the Lounge collection is simple yet elegant. A minimalists dream with its effortless lines, the solid structure of its base is the focal point. Slender legs are connected by a center cross bar. The dining table is then perfected from top to bottom in a choice of four wooden finishes. If color is what you need, 18 options of open pore lacquered hues are available. Lagoon Dining Table is also available in “Sense” and “Tratto” inlay. Patterns and colors are inlayed into the wood grain, giving an unexpected burst of energy to its form. Rossetto recognizes the importance of having distinctive styles of dining room tables that are fresh and inventive yet able to fit different fashions of home décor. Keeping the characteristics of a contemporary motif, Rossetto introduces the Tween Box collection. Either rectangular or square, the Tween Table with Glass Top amuses spectators with its surprising proportions and textures. A delicate glass table top balances itself on substantial etched legs while they remain smooth on their opposing sides. If you wish to carry on the same detail from the legs of etched surfaces, this can be done as a sideboard and through hanging elements.

Tratto Dining Table

Rossetto designs furniture to meet the needs of life in the current world and for the future. Their history as a company is not forgotten either. A European influence works its way through each composition. The dining tables in the Nightfly collection are flawless collaborations of Italian inspiration and sophisticated concepts. The Nightfly Wood Dining Table And Glass Fixed Top is composed of striking materials. Angular straps of glossy crocodile embossed leather transform into two sleek legs that boldly hold up a glass table top. Graceful in form, colors range from gleaming black, white and ebony lacquers. Complete your surroundings with the Nightfly Dining Chairs, Buffet, Curio and Sideboard with a bar inside. Rossetto once again amazes us with its quality featured in the Diamond Dining Table. With an option for an extendible version, the Diamond Dining Table is available in black or ivory lacquered silhouettes; a glass table top is placed on the surface. The exclusive details of Swarovski Crystal run across the sparkly lacquer on all four exterior sides of the table. A similar motif can be found on the Diamond Buffet in crocodile embossed leather that contains two drawers for storage. Every dining table and creation by Rossetto symbolizes the best of the furniture industry. With top of the line quality, Rossetto maintains its reputation for modern designs that are imaginative and functional.