Mattresses and Pillows

We have all heard of memory foam mattresses. But a memory foam mattress made from soy foam, and a water base instead of an oil base is one of the many features of Tuscany's owns Magniflex mattresses and pillows. Magniflex not only uses top of the line materials in their product but are also conscientious of their carbon footprint while the product is made and shipped. Being a company that cares about its effect on the environment, Geoethic is a new collection for Magniflex. Mattresses such as Biocotton and Linen Extreme are both allergy free, covered in 100% natural fabrics. Pillows from the line such as Geogreen Standard and Geogreen Orthomassage have additional benefits such as using materials that allow air flow so while you sleep humidity doesn't get trapped, keeping it clean. Geoethic is only one line out of the many others that Magniflex has, but when it comes to mattresses its always important to have options.