Boston Mirror, Sovet Italia

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Boston Mirror, Sovet Italia

Dimensions (inches):
L: 31.5 x H: 31.5
L: 21.6 x H: 29.5
L: 25.6 x H: 35.4
L: 25.6 x H: 47.2
L: 25.6 x H: 63
L: 33.4 x H: 78.7

Quick Overview

Boston is a wall mirror that reflects an in-depht search of simplicity and beauty. The lacquer finish of the frame, in various colors, is applied to the back of the glass for an even shiner appearance. Available in various sizes, up to 78.7" in height, Boston adds luminosity, depth and unusual perspectives to any area, whether small or large. The transparency of the glass, the color of the lacquering and the surface of the mirror create myriad visual effects.

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