Blonde Ceiling Lamp, Karboxx

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Blonde Ceiling Lamp, Karboxx

Dimensions (inches):
L: 34 x D: 6 x H: 4
L: 49.6 x D: 6 x H: 4
L: 65.4 x D: 6 x H: 4
L: 97 x D: 6 x H: 4
L: 128.4 x D: 6 x H: 4
L: 159.8 x D: 6 x H: 4

Quick Overview

Blonde concept rests on versatility, creativity and finishes elements that can be chosen by designers and architects in order to customize and mark out every single project. A trapezoidal shape, with a postindustrial taste, paints and lights up the space. The aluminium could be painted both with a finish required by the designer and with cement, curtain, chrome polish black, brushed bronze and white. Furthermore also the length could be customized till a maximum of 5 meters. The LED lamp, direct or not, with dimmer optional, assures a perfect visual comfort for every designing need.

Additional Details

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